Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Our mission is simple; we empower our neighbors with disabilities to be at home in the community.

We do this through providing services that focus on the individuality of each person and are relevant to the experiences and expectation of each individual.

By improving the quality of life for the people we serve, the quality of life in the community is enhanced as a whole.

We expect our staff and home providers to be aware of the influence they have over people’s lives, and that their interactions will be respectful while promoting dignity.

We believe that empowerment and decisions should be passed to the individual and their families whenever possible and that treatment and recovery plans should always reflect their values, needs and service agreements.
Natural families and natural supports are ideally the most effective avenues to ensure equality, acceptance and normalized community involvement for the people we serve.

At Green Mountain Support Services we actively seek out dedicated, passionate individuals who embrace this mission and are committed to making a lasting contribution to the lives of the people we serve.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)


Having the opportunity to be a Direct Support Professional (DSP) is one of the single most fulfilling careers available. Rarely is there a job that allows a person to make such a positive and lasting impact on so many lives. The job involves being a mentor, a guide, an assistant, and an advocate. Many days are hard, but there is nothing more rewarding.

If this is a line of work you want to be a part of, contact us and find out why we are the best agency in the entire New England area to work. Here at GMSS no matter what your title is, you are sincerely treated as an equal member of the team and we can promise that if you loose any sleep at night, it will not be because you do not love your job.

Here are what just a few of our DSPs are saying.

My favorite thing about being a DSP is knowing that each day I go to work if I listen and pay attention to the little things I will learn something new every time I look or listen to a little closer. This job is a gift we just need to know how to look at the present !
— Lindsay Barup (GMSS DSP)
I just am so lucky to have been working with the person I support for 13 years and watching him grow and become a very nice young man.
— Joanne Herman (GMSS DSP)
I enjoy being a DSP. Watching the social interaction my guy has with the public. The satisfaction he gets after a day of work.
Every day he is happy. Ask him why and his reply is, it is a beautiful day. He brings a smile to my face every day
— Raymond Greene (GMSS DSP)
Realizing we all face challenges and struggles puts all of us on and even playing field; which allows us to grow and learn together.
— Anne Margaret McElroy (GMSS DSP)
What I enjoy most about working with the folks I support over the last couple of years is making new friends. I also like to see the Improvements they make at work and out in the community.
— Ron Belval (GMSS DSP)

Service Coordinators


A Service Coordinator’s responsibilities are exactly what the title implies, multiple coordinating of services. A normal caseload of a service coordinator is between 10 and 20 (depending on program). The role requires the person to ensure that a person is getting quality, person-centered services while ensuring State regulatory requirements are being met.   This role is perfect for a master multi-tasker and one who possesses empathetic leadership skills

Shared Living Providers (SLPs)

A home provider is the central, most important role a person can be in our services. It takes a very special and caring heart to open up one’s house and one’s life to a person who needs a place to call home.

To be clear, this is a 24/7 commitment and like any co-living situation, there will be hard days and there will be times when a home provider realizes that he/she has made a lifelong connection and made someone’s life one that is full of hope and possibility.

We all need a home, and we all need to be cared for.