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93 James Road Morrisville, VT 05661

1222 Main St. Suite 102, St Johnsbury VT 05819 - Phone (802) 424 - 1686


Adult Family Care Services

AFC Services, Program Manager - Brenda Donley: (ext:231)

AFC Program, Intake and Service Coordinator - Jeanine (ext:247)

Brain Injury, Intake Coordinator - Eric Paige: (ext:263)

AFC Service Coordinator - Scott Franks: (ext: 262)

AFC Service Coordinator - Danielle (ext:229)

AFC Service Coordinator - Lisa (ext:225)

AFC Service Coordinator - Brenda Gravel: (ext: 242)

Service Coordinator / AAC Specialist - Liza Jones: (ext: 236)

Developmental Services Program

DS, Program Manager - Stephanie Lindgren: (ext:240)

DS, Senior Service Coordinator - Kareen (ext:244)

DS, Service Coordinator - Chelsea Bishop: (ext:245)

DS, Service Coordinator - Brandy Carlton: (ext:250)

DS, Service Coordinator - Kendra Therrien: (ext:261)

DS, Service Coordinator - Louise Allen: (ext: 249)

Employment  Support Services

Supported Employment Manager - Marsha (ext:223)

Community Support Service Specialist - Debbie Johnson: (ext:248)

Supported Employment Floater - Kelly Cassidy: (ext:222)

Administration and Program Support

Executive Director - Josh Smith: (ext:230)

Director of Program Management -Marilyn (ext:226)

Clinical Director  -Elizabeth (ext:243)

Nurse - Christina (ext:228)

Nurse - Tanner Kadleck: (ext: 253)

Human Resources Coordinator - Janet Germaine: (ext:234)

Development Coordinator - Casey Dewey: (ext:224)

Director of Administrative Services - Michelle French: (ext: 239)

Administrative Assistant - Andrea Mayo:

SLP Coordinator - Chelsea Miller: