The mission of the Supported Employment Services is to bring individuals and local businesses together through quality Supported Employment Services that meet the demands of employers and provide the best benefits to employees.

Supported Employment is offered through a collaboration of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Department of Developmental Services in order to assist persons with challenges in their ability to obtain and maintain community integrated competitive employment through specially designed supports.

Supported Employment Services is Guided by 10 Basic Principles:

  1. Working is an integral aspect of a person’s contribution to their community.
  2. Anyone can work given support.
  3. Services are provided by valued and responsible staff.
  4. Work enhances the quality of a person’s life.
  5. Services are best provided in collaboration with the community.
  6. Employment gives the opportunity for life long learning and career development.
  7. People have the right to access, choose and design their own services.
  8. Quality is measured by the satisfaction of the person and the community/employer.
  9. Services are responsive to the fact that people communicate in a variety of ways.
  10. Flexible employment support is available throughout the person’s career.

Supported Employment is being widely implemented across the country. It is characterized by a customer-driven approach, and guided by the job seeker having choices as broad as the business community itself. Job seekers must take charge of their work opportunities and find the motivation to work for the benefits that can be derived from a job: self worth; co-worker companionship; creative expression; recognition for services; a feeling of being needed and depended on; and fair compensation. The Employment Coordinator can assist the job seeker by first assessing their skills, interests, and goals, then helping to develop marketable skills and work ethic, assist in making a good job match, and provide training and support on the job.

For more information about these services please contact Marsha Labree, Supported Employment Service Director at (802) 888-7602 or by email at