1982  Giant Step program moved to community based  program by  Psychological Research of UVM

1983 Lamoille County Mental Health   Ken Kelly Director

1984 The Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.  Tom Plunket and Sedney Ulrich directed the program.

1988 Sterling Area Services was incorporated Deb Reed appointed  Executive Director

1990-1995 Jackie Rogers hired as Senior Service Coordinator/Behavioral Expert 

1996 Bill Ashe appointed  Interim Director

1998 Kevin O’Riordan appointed  Executive Director

1998 Sterling Area Services move to 19 Professional Drive

1998 Sterling Area Services join the ARIS Collaborative

2005 In September, Sterling Area Services provides support services to their first client with a Brain Injury

2006 In September Sterling Area Services provides support services to their first Choices for Care client.

2007 In January, Sterling Area Services was granted TBI Certification from the State of Vermont.

2013 Marilyn Carter appointed  Interim Director

2014 Dave Yacovone appointed Executive Director

2015 In July, the agency name changed to GMSS

2015 In November, Joshua Smith appointed Executive Director

2015 GMSS hosted the inaugural New England Cerebral Palsy Conference in Morrisville Vermont

2018 in May, GMSS moved to our new location on 93 James Road

2019 in March we opened up our St Johnsbury office on 1222 Main Street.