What is a Developmental Home Provider?

A Developmental Home Provider (DH) is an individual or couple that is contracted by Green Mountain Support Services, Inc. to provide an individual (client) with developmental disabilities a home, meals and safe atmosphere. The DH assists the client with every day living skills as well as making the client a member of their family and their surrounding community.

How are Developmental Home Providers reimbursed for the expenses that occur while caring for their client?

Developmental Home Provider is a business associate who receives a monthly tax-free stipend in addition to Room and Board.

How Do I Become a Developmental Home Provider?

To become a Developmental Home Provider through Green Mountain Support Services the interested individual(s) will need to call Green Mountain Support Services office at 1-802-888-7602, or 1-800-698-7602 and ask to have a Developmental Home Provider Request for Consideration (home provider application), which inlcudes background and DMV record checks, mailed to them. Once the interested individual has the application filled out they need to mail it back to Green Mountain Support Services, Inc The application will be kept on file. When a referral of a new client and/or an opening for DH from an existing client becomes available all the applications are reviewed in order to find the most successful match for both the client and the potential DH.