Break Out Session: The Story of Someone Like Me

Born with cerebral palsy and unable to walk until the age of 4, Award Winning Author, John W. Quinn, will share his childhood experiences of growing up in a large family of eight in Detroit, Michigan.   Raised with an understanding not to use his CP as an excuse not to do great things, he’ll talk about failing his first attempt to join the Navy, only to come back a year later and succeed.  We’ll discuss the reason why he decided to keep his cerebral palsy secret and the affects that decision had on him as he served his country.   He’ll also share his unique definition of inclusion in a way that will make the audience look past the disability to find the ability that everyone possesses.   

About John

John W. Quinn was born in Detroit, Michigan in April 1962 with cerebral palsy.  One of eight children, John also had a strong desire to serve his country.  So, in spite of his partial paralysis, two different sized feet, and the inability to walk prior to the age of four, John joined the United States Navy in January 1982 specializing in administration.  He did it while keeping his condition a complete secret out of a deep desire to wear the uniform of his nation.

 Senior Chief Quinn is the author of Someone Like Me, An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy

 Since the publication of his memoir, John has addressed numerous organizations around the world to include Rockwell Automation, Panasonic of North America, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. 

 He makes his home in Tucson, Arizona and was the Keynote speaker for our 3rd Annual Conference.