Break Out Session: The Rules Have Changed: Saving with VermontABLE”

Join Kirsten Murphy of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council and Ashlynn Doyon of the Vermont State Treasurer as they talk about the innovative benefits of VermontABLE.

Created by Congress in 2015, ABLE Savings Accounts are a new tool that allows people with disabilities to save without losing federal benefits like SSI and Medicaid.  This workshop will review applicable restrictions, as well as the ways that Vermonters are using their state-sponsored ABLE program to improve their financial security.

About Kirsten and Ashlynn

Kirsten Murphy is the Executive Director of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council (VTDDC). 

kristin murphy.png

the VTDDC is a state-wide board that identifies and addresses critical issues affecting people with developmental disabilities and their families.
At least 60% of VTDDC’s members must be self-advocates or family caregivers.  Other members represent agencies in state government or partner organizations in Vermont.  The Council may at any time have between 21 and 25 members.

VTDDC was created under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act. There is a Developmental Disabilities Council in every US state, territory, and jurisdiction – 56 in all!  Councils use their federal funding to make positive changes for people with developmental disabilities.


Ashlynn Doyon is proud to work with the Office of the Vermont State Treasurer. The Office is the core operation for money movement within the State. The division is responsible for the banking, cash management, and short-term investing of State funds; the establishment and maintenance of the State’s banking network; the disbursement of the State’s warranted payments and debt service; the collection of certain receipts, including those related to education property tax payments from municipalities; and the recording of accounting transactions.