Break Out Session: How the Media Plays a Role in the Special Needs Community Past Present and Future

In this break out session workshop, you will hear and be transported through time travel on how people with special needs were treated through history and how the media treats people with special needs.   

This workshop is for people with special needs and the staff who treat and work with them this workshop will also go through how words in history were used to describe people with special needs and also include how to interview a person with special needs

This presentation will have a Power Point- as well as DVD presentation

This presentation will be aired on Orca Media for "Abled and on air" as well as the whole conference.

About Lawrence


Lawrence Seiler is a newsman by trade with Cerebral Palsy. Despite his CP has persevered with two college degrees, an associate’s degree in human services from LaGuardia College Cuny and a BA in journalism mass communications from Herbert H Lehman College Bronx NY. He has come to Vermont originally from Bronx NY where he hosted and produced “special people special issues” on Bronx net television for 20 years. Now in VT he is producing ABLED and on Air through Orca Media which is on Comcast cable television. He has taught staff in the developmental disabilities field through his media presentation and workshops.

This workshop will be taped for ABLE On AIR.