New Shared Living Provider Coordinator Helps Hard Working SLPs


Most of you have seen Chelsea Miller at the front desk or have talked to her on the phone. In addition to her front desk duties, she was  pleased to assume the newly created position of Shared Living Provider (SLP) Coordinator.

She is here for our Shared Living Providers, to help make their jobs easier and to allow  service coordinators to focus more on client-related services. She has been trained by ARIS so that she can offer support and information on the issues most important to our SLPs.

For example, she can help you with respite hiring packets, time sheets, or understanding ARIS Employer Handbook. She has also been asked to help support our Peer Support Network, and will be attending the Quarterly SLP meetings at which she will offer assistance as needed.


New Home Inspection Rules

Another change that is happening in our agency, and around our state, pertains to home inspections as both the state requirements and our processes for meeting those requirements have recently changed.

The state has contracted with a new inspection agency called Ever Green. Where previously your service coordinator oversaw the home inspection process, it is now Chelsea’s responsibility to ensure that every SLP’s home safety inspection, and, if needed, accessibility inspection, is completed and uploaded into the new state database.  If you had an accessibility inspection that was started, but not completed by Green Dolphin, the previous inspection agency, she will contact you as the state has advised us that getting those inspections completed must be a top priority.

Effective July 1, 2017, per state regulation, routine safety inspections shall be conducted every five (5) years in homes originally inspected on or after July 1, 2011.

If deficiencies are identified during any of the re-inspections, GMSS and Chelsea will follow the process outlined in the Vermont Housing Safety and Accessibility Inspection Process.

If a deficiency is determined to be an immediate safety issue for the individual a move would be required.  Otherwise, a 30-day timeline to correct the deficiencies will be strictly enforced when the individual receiving DAIL-funded services is already living in the home.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  We look forward to creating more connections and stronger communication with each and every one of you. We have enjoyed having Chelsea here at Green Mountain Support Services, and we look forward to better supporting you.

-Joshua Smith