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Green Mountain Support Services’ Shared Living Provider (SLP) program is based on a “shared life” approach to providing quality care and supports. The program unites trained, compensated caregivers who want to share their homes with individuals who need assistance with daily living.

Being a Shared Living Provider, you will create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live with a single person, couple, or family in the community. As members of a household, individuals enjoy the security, consistency, and responsibility that community living entails.

The Shared Living Provider program is a very effective support system that gives an individual the opportunity to learn life skills, develop greater self-esteem, and live a more interdependent life within his or her community. The Shared Living Provider program recognizes how inclusion and the power of enduring relationships help everyone lead more fulfilling lives.

To learn more about our Shared Living Provider program, or to submit a completed application, contact our SLP Coordinator, Chelsea Miller at (802) 888-7602  or

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Green Mountain Support Services is a very well designed organization that provides maximum independence and growth for the people we work with. Staff are chosen with great care and exemplify extraordinary concern and caring for others, positive attitudes and friendliness. Being a part of helping people grow supports my own healing and happiness as well. It’s truly amazing being a part of this fabulous organization!
— -Bill Coleman (Shared Living Provider 2014 - Present)
There is so many reasons for being a Home provider :
1- You get to have someone be part of your family
2- He or she can feel loved and cared about
3- Earn extra money (everyone always likes that)
4 - You get to get involved with GMSS😁
You get to learn about different things about different people
5- Very rewarding
— Tina Lehouillier (Shared Living Provider 2007 - Present)